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Miss Bullard’s School for Former Ladies is the only Old Continent boarding and etiquette school for women of “unfortunate circumstance”, who are not quite as normal as they once were, but still wish to enter society as convincingly human as possible. 

You play as Lillian Graham, the daughter of a respected trader from the New Continent, who attends the school after fits of nightmares and possessed sleepwalking deemed to have magical origin. While it is unclear what is happening to you or what will become of your humanity, your job is to unravel the mysteries that surround you and the location itself. Separated from society and moved to a new place at such a trying age can be intimidating…but perhaps you will not have to face it alone.


MBSchoolforFormerLadies-mac.zip 63 MB
MBSchoolforFormerLadies-pc.zip 78 MB

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This downloads but fails to install for me. I'm using the Itch.io client on Windows 10.


Thanks for telling me; I tested it since fixing a few bugs and it should work now. But if not, please let me know! 

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Still no luck. I tried restarting the Itch.io client as well as deleting the installer out of the downloads folder to make sure it was the new one that ran just in case.

EDIT: I just messed around a bit in the Itch.io client and found the log. Seems it fails on "MBSchoolforFormerLadies-pc\game\images\toobig?.textClipping: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." which if I'm not mistaken can't have the questionmark in it on Windows.


I deleted the "?" from the distribute text of the files, let me know if it helps (seems like it's okay for downloading outside of the itch.io client.) I'll keep at it, if not. 

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Deleted the old download and tried again, exact same result.

EDIT: I looked in the zip file with the built in functionality in Windows and with 7-Zip. Windows doesn't show the file at all and 7-Zip says it's 0 bytes and it's also the only file in the directory that looks like that.


Have you tried downloading it directly without the client? Also, if we can continue correspondence via your response directed at the studio email (quibblequills@gmail.com), I will be able to help you better. Thank you for your patience! 

I just played the demo and it's amazing! I love it so far! I wish I'd known about it earlier so I could have contributed to the kickstarter though. Definitely excited for the full game!

Well. This demo is very nice.

Are the characters are interesting. School is interesting. And I'm sure that in final game we will have few things to find, explore and solve :) Plus we will have option to get closer to one of the ladies.

I'm waiting :)


Can I ask when the full game will come out ?


Summer of 2018! I will have an exact date closer to release. 

Well that's one thing to look forward in Summer ! Can't wait !

I loved this its so well made and i adore winnifred so much i cant wait to get the whole game 


I enjoyed the demo! ^^ I really like Meredith and Winnifred's characters so far. Can't wait to see where this goes!

I covered this for my channel, and linked back to the Kickstarter page. Even if there's just a few days left, I hope it helps! 

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Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed the demo and I really appreciate the support :)

Only played the demo version, yet - but so far loving it! Looking forward to the full version! <3

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I Love this game! I really hope you keep working on it! :)

P.S. Greta is best girl! <3

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Thank you so much! :) I hope to, depending on how the kickstarter (beginning tomorrow) goes.

luv it

Will this game ever become available for windows?

It will! The demo has a windows version available now, but please let me know if you have any trouble with downloading it.


Awesome little teaser of what's to come in this cool Graphic Novel! 
Interesting charecters, well written dialogue. Can't wait to see where this is heading!

Stay Rad Everybody!!